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Maya Student Reflections on COVID-19, part 3

June 8, 2020


In these days we have been confined to the pandemic, in my experience it has been pleasant, although some complain about it.  I think during all this time I have learned to love my family both close and far (uncles, cousins), grandparents (a)). In personal way, I want to say this. Before this crisis my father had an operation days and was confined in Mexico City. He remained in the ER for almost a month, it was very difficult at the time but I learned so much, like  saying what I had never told my father I LOVE you and for the first time I saw him crying . During that moment I felt that the world was going down. I did not know how everything would come out here.  Social Security is difficult providing health care. When he was discharged after a few days of the operation it felt so comforting to have my dad in the house and I felt so grateful to everyone outside the hospital. They gave away coffee, rice with milk, and food .The people encouraged me. Seeing me cry they hugged me. The gentlemen in the ER  provided a seat. the people at night prayed  and gave me a little peace of mind.


I think I experienced so much anguish and suffering at the time that when he started quarantine and was with my family. It was so rewarding as we made popcorn, hotcakes. My dad continues to go to his therapies and is improving. For me the quarantine has given me so many moments. Honestly long ago I did not live so much with my family.  Now everything that has happened I think was pillar so that we enjoyed every second since. In my opinion right now is when we should enjoy the people who are close to us, not argue, fight or bother as that is a waste of time.



The coronavirus is something that we didn’t expect. It was far from happening in Yucatan, everything was so fast, we said “see you on Tuesday” and we never saw each other again. Personally I believe that I have acquired new knowledge about my own person. I have set new challenges and new plans, I have revalued things and people, however, I will not deny that I have felt sad because I have not been able to carry out all of my activities effectively. When I think about my family, I have sadly realized that we are not very close, and something strange is that because of the conditions of the place where I live I realized that it is not very comfortable to surround ourselves with so many people who are always aware of what you do and what you do not. They do not allow the freedom and autonomous development of a person.


Speaking of my daily activities I hope that this will not be forgotten, and that it will leave us a life and revaluation learning, how important is a hug, a kiss, physical closeness. I hope that when we think about this situation, we will be more aware of one another and, above all, happier and peaceful.



Student in Noc-Ac


First of all, I send greetings and a deep gratitude, of thanks for the support you have provided. I have achieved a lot. The second thing is to explain a little bit about how we are carrying this quarantine situation caused by the pandemic. Quarantine has given me many things to think about. Some of those things are that health is paramount and the first thing to consider, money is essential for other things, but health matters much more in all situations.


This quarantine has taught me that neither money nor all power can save you from illness. The good thing about this quarantine is that a great bond with my family was strengthened, because of the time we have been at home, we talked a lot and we have more confidence with each other. Before I did not have the time to talk about work and school. It also helped me to connect with myself, to think about my future and to have a different perspective than I had.


On the other hand, I have done school activities and connect in virtual classes. Although it is not very good because it takes away the affection of my classmates and teachers. Every day I watch TV a while, listen to some music, draw and help my mother with the work of the house. I watch some tutorial videos on automotive mechanics to learn a little more about what I’m studying, and I know it will help me in some similar situation.


I end by saying that I wish you an excellent day and that God will bless you in great health. Please take great care, respect the precautions and stay at home. Thank you very much for your help.  Greetings and a great hug!



Hi, I’m Vanesa Gisel Chi Pacheco from the community of San Matías Cosgaya.


What I would like to say is that this time of the quarantine provided a lot of learning. I have been able to live more with my family because you’ll never know when it will be the last day you can hug them.  I have also been able to  fulfill personal goals, for example being more patient with my tasks. Because I am not used to studying online, I have had to organize my time to get to fulfill everything.


Right now I feel sad with fear for my family and also for people who can’t stop working because their children and parents depend on them.


In this situation you realize that nothing is forever and we have to adapt to what we are living. I learned to value things that were not so important to me before, for example that every day I can talk physically with my friends and family. I hope that all this will end and we can live without concern and all people become aware of what is going on. Perhaps this is a test by God so that we can become aware. I wholeheartedly hope you all feel good.



Hello, my name is Edrik Roberto Cab Sulub of the community of San Matías Cosgaya, currently in the sixth semester of high school.


During this quarantine I have learned to communicate even more with my family. I have also given a lot of thought on the situation in which we are going. Also during this quarantine I have known a little more.  I have come to be with myself, with the real self. I’ve done several other helpful activities, such as exercising, playing with my little brothers, playing video games, to calm that anguish and concern I have.


I have become a little difficulty with online classes as it was a sudden change that we did not see coming. It has been difficult but not impossible and every day I do my best to learn and understand the topics and tasks that teachers give us, since it is not the same to be in the classroom with living as it is to be at home seeing the teacher through a screen.


I have decided  to reflect and appreciate everything we have, whether little or much, you always have to be grateful for what you have, since unfortunately there are many people who barely have enough to eat.

Am I scared? Yes, I am afraid as everyone else, I am afraid that something will happen to my relatives, I am afraid that something has come to pass to my grandparents since they are already quite old and all those people who go out to earn the bread of every day, I am very concerned that my mom and dad go out to work, but I don’t panic and I’m sure this will end soon.


Best regards! And I hope everyone’s all okay, see you soon.



Hello my name is Diana Belén Mendoza Campos I am currently taking the sixth semester of high school and I want to share some of the learnings that I have developed is this time of isolation, in this time of confinement being away from the people we want, of changes so profound in our day to day.


First of all I am aware of the need to learn and study. It is true that we face for the first time an unprecedented global crisis that affects all sectors and our way of life. If there is a message that is repeated these days, in addition to what has happened it is that nothing will ever be as before. That is precisely why we must reflect and learn.



Hi, I’m Yael from San Matías Cosgaya. 


In this quarantine, what has happened is a a drastic change where we change routine and move away from the people we love. In my case I have taken this time to reflect on how important it is to be healthy, to be able to be with your loved ones and thus be able to complete a day. I know that it has not been easy for students, since it is not the same to be in the classroom in the school as it is being in a virtual classroom. Something very important is that you mist have access to the Internet to be able to take classes and be able to send homework. There are students who do not have that access and that is really sad, however we have more advantages that our parents could have had if this had happened in their times.


We have to be grateful for the what we have, for what we eat and if our parents still get a minimum wage even if it is minimal to be able to get through this situation. We must be calm and take advantage of this time to strengthen the union with our family, because now more than ever we have to act as a team. Also, right now I am valuing what it was like to see my friends and go to school, I know that after this it will not be the same. I have  learned to value my friends even more and seen that despite the distance I can still count on them. All this is going to happen if we all do our part and at the end of this I know that it will only be a memory that we will tell about how the world joined and brought out its most human side to be able to get ahead.


I hope you’re all well and still at home for the sake of all!



Hello my name is Alexis Vianey Cocom Huchim, I am from the community of San Matías Cosgaya and a student of psychology.


What I learned from this quarantine, is that I got to know a little more, learned to deal with my own fears, although there has also been the anxiety of being at home all the time and not being able to live with friends and my other family, it has also helped me to listen and live more closely with my family.


However, I am still afraid, distressed, sad, and worried  about what is going on, as all this was very unfortunate for me. It has also been very difficult in the school environment, since most of us were not prepared to take classes online.It has been very difficult to take classes, since there are always interferences and teachers do not manage to give well their classes.  But it has also not been impossible, since we are learning and we are adapting with the new methods that they use , as well as marking tasks, exhibitions, watching movies related to the subject, etc.


All this has given me a good learning:, human beings can adapt to any situation, even though at first it is not easy, but little by little we can move forward and improve . I hope that with all this, people will become aware of the damage we are doing to the planet, since it has been shown that thanks to the whole world or most of us pollution has subsided and you can see how the environment is improving.


I hope that all this will happen soon, that all of us will be well, and that our goals, plans and objectives will continue to stand and be fulfilled soon. In advance I appreciate the attention and the opportunity we have had so that we could express ourselves. Thank you and see you later. Best regards.



I’m from the village of Sierra Papacal


Before all this, you didn’t value the simple fact of going out on the street, a greeting, a hug, going for a walk, going to buy something and going to school. Suddenly all changed and those things became harmful not because they are bad in themselves  but because you can put people at risk. Today, because you cannot go outside and do a lot of things you used to do , you value some things that weren’t so important before. . So now you value your family more, .you share not just through a cell phone, you revalue what you have, you look at nature and what damage has been done to nature. Now that we are “locked up” animals have lost their fear and have come out again without the fear that human beings will harm them. The beaches are cleaner and there is less pollution.


This situation is sad, but from the worst moments you learn. Hopefully all this finds more conscious people, who generate more values in people who day by day want to improve and take care of all.  Hopefully in the future this time will be counted as one more experience from which we have learned something wonderful.


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