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Maya Monthly October 2018

October 14, 2018

Feliz Cumpleanos!

Dear Friends of the Maya,


I couldn’t find a parking place as I arrived in Komchen. “This is strange” I said to myself. I had to go around the village a couple of times. “It must be because of the Circus which was in town-not far from our Maya Missions Office.” It WAS for a circus but I was the main act. I still can’t believe it. Close to 250 people from all of our pueblos had gathered at Maya Indian Missions Office – in spite of heavy rain and lots of mosquitoes.



They all were there to wish me Feliz Cumpleanos (Happy Birthday). Skits, poetry, dancing and lots of  laughs as we celebrated this old man’s life with the people of Komchen, Sierra Papacal Noc-ac, Cosgaya, Dzitya and San Antonio Hool. I was surprised by the families present- haven’t seen many in years.  Marcos, our leader of Scholarship Students, was M.C.


The young people distributed food and drink during the two hour ceremony. It all ended with Billy knocking the hell out of a piñata that looked like very much like Donald Trump! I returned home exhausted and grateful for 77 years of life – and thanking God for the Maya people and for people like you too! 



Paz y amor,


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